Medical Students: Nonsuch Who Control MDGs

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In September 2000 Heads of State from all over the world, including the President of Indonesia, gathered at the United Nations Millennium Summit in New York and signed the Millennium Declaration. They thereby reaffirmed the commitment of their nations and the international community to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, a set of measurable objectives for development and poverty eradication.

Then, what we have to do as a medical student?

Of course very hooked, my friends! we need not only know, but also aware and care towards the role of the MDG implementation in Indonesia, do not forget, the role of students also as controllers and bodyguards of government. In relation to health issues, who else will oversee government programs in addition to our medical students?

Awareness of the people in assisting the government is still lacking, even the very few Indonesian people from the lower, middle or which has a student know the purpose of the MDGs. So the impact, implementation on the ground in realizing the MDGs in 2015 is very less even intertwined synergistically between the government’s efforts by ordinary people who ultimately hamper the realization of the MDGs. Yet the crucial point here is very big role of the people on all elements in creating the success of the MDGs by 2015.
Departing from that problems, it is only fitting this into a demand and great work for our students, especially as more medical students to think hard and critically. Immediately take a stance in creating the solution of the problem that was enough to invade almost every aspect of life especially in health and education.
Therefore, in realizing a vision can not be done instantly, but need the participation and contribution of each line of optimal stakeholders in the health sector. This phenomenon describes the actual role of medical students. Medical students should be able to provide the real work with their mind and their efforts to build the nation’s health, the motor for the movement of Indonesian revival, especially in the areas of health, to inspire the community as a role model in the field of health and eventually will be a variety of professional health workers who collaborate synergistically to achieve and realize the vision of “Healthy Indonesia” and “Millennium Development Goals.”

Learning is one of the main mandate is carried by the student but should not be a reason to nil in the work, nor reason to delay the movement, but should be authorized in realizing our goals. The rationale that should be embedded in the hearts of medical students, become a vibrant Indonesian young generation, a generation of creative and intellect which became the core of the movement to realize the development of systemic health of the nation.

The situation is stagnant in the various sectors of development and health certainly can not be longer arms to realize MDGs. Need a change in systems and policies of the government. Students as agents of change must take a role in this change project. Changes made are not realized sporadically, but patterned and professionally in shaping the platform movement. Step strategy are:
1. Medical Students as young high intellect course must move systematically and as needed not because of mere existence. Analysis the problem in every sector of development and health needs to be done either in the form of polls and research / research that was one excellent activity for medical students.
2. Interpretation of data analysis will form the platform of directed movement into several sectors for sure, so that medical students can move in accordance with their respective competence and professional. One example is student health practitioners to move in terms of improving service quality and health facilities.

Formed by the student movement should be synergistic with the government’s efforts, especially in realizing the MDGs, unless there is a policy that can harm people. Here is a concrete effort to offer medical students to realize the MDGs 2015:
1. Eradicating poverty and hunger

The principle is the involvement of poor people to improve the social potential is not simply increasing national production, with the first way, a medical student with other students demanded the government to issue a policy in the provision of capital to the residents in the area who allegedly did require the analysis based on data from research that has been done . Second, the students open up land around campus jobs for residents assisted by the role of government as well. Social service, such as treatment and circumcision can be an alternative as a short-term goals.

2. Achieve universal primary education

Medical students to provide instruction to children who are studying basic 6 years even 9 years of formal and informal. Improve the function of controlling the oversight of existing government policy at this time to be realized properly.

3. Encourage gender equality and women’s empowerment

Medical student should keep a watch on the movements that require excessive female emancipation. Gender equality and empowerment of women should not be separated from the things that smelled of social or religious. So students should be provided in advance the science of understanding about the nature of women actually to criticize existing policies.

4. Reduce child mortality, improve maternal health combat HIV / AIDS, malaria and other diseases

Students must demand policies that make access to services and health facilities, for example, is the ease of obtaining poverty cards, as well as access to needed medicines. Medical students can provide large-scale counseling about HIV AIDS, how to care for pregnant women, and assist the government in socialize SOP Flood and consequences of the Child Abuse to the public. Deepen research in the field of malaria, child mortality and maternal health can also be used as a way to find solutions to increase student awareness of the importance of this issue.
5. Ensure environmental sustainability

Together with residents and all elements of government together launched a national clean day. There is also, a social service where one of the activities is to build sanitary facilities such as garbage cans, clean water sources, especially the needy. Medical students can also give seminars or counseling about the “urgency of nature reserves and wildlife reserves and the impact on the lives of especially the public health.” Environmental sustainability must also sued over their personal awareness and improvement of surveillance systems and evaluation of government performance as well as the campus environment.

6. Promote cooperation (partnership) to develop

For purposes of this one student MDGs can not do much. But there is one sector where students can contribute significantly to realize the MDGs, namely the education sector. Some medical colleges have launched a vision to go international, especially in terms of accreditation. One of the efforts taken is an exchange student. Students can demonstrate the best quality when in another country, so that the cooperation would mutually benefit both parties.


The Government of Indonesia, under the leadership of the national planning agency and with technical support from a UN Task Force, has completed the first MDG Report. Let’s evaluate by ourself, how far we give our contribution to make this MDGs going to success. Let’s!!


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